Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Legal

CBD and Its Legality
A sheet of cannabis marijuana in the defocus with the image of the formula CBD

Cannabidiol ( CBD ) is generally considered a controlled substance since taking the world by storm in the last couple of years. But the legality of CBD in the USA depends on which cannabis variety CBD is extracted from.

The Trump Administration recently passed the 2018 Farm Bill which allows farmers to cultivate and process hemp. CBD is found in abundance in the variety of cannabis sativa known as hemp. Since the passing of this bill Americans know have legal access to CBD based products. Hemp is officially removed as a schedule 1 controlled substance and essentially makes it an ordinary agricultural commodity.

However there is still confusion on a federal level as cannabis is still listed as a controlled substance, but hemp which CBD is easily extracted from, is defined as cannabis sativa with less than 0.3% THC. So effectively since December 2018 industrial hemp is legal in the USA under license and farmers are reaping the benefits of this excellent agricultural crop.

The supply and demand for hemp has increased locally as before hemp was illegal to cultivate and usually imported from countries like China and Eastern Europe. The US Food and Drug Administration has cautioned that CBD is still a “drug ingredient” and therefore keeps the use of CBD as controlled substance. But “Rome was not built in a day”, so with the development of Acts, Bills and laws we will hopefully see CBD becoming easier to access in the near future.

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CBD legality