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Cannabis Promotion and Marketing

More than 3 billion people are accessing the Internet today. Digital marketing and promotion is not only appealing, but also a necessity for cannabusinesses establishing their brands and products online. We have been marketing and promoting cannabis for 20 years. Cannabis Marketing 2020.

Once CannabisPromoter has created stories that you want to engage your audience with, we  dont only curate eye-catching, sticky content for thousands of followers. Our role is then to manage and moderate that content, continuously engaging with your growing online cannabis communities. We help our clients promote, share and distribute their work, their brand ideals and their unique thought leadership to the relevant stakeholders using the perfect combination of digital and social media platforms.

We have a social capital market of about 50000 followers worldwide and can target your adverts/content to audiences in specific geographic locations.

Cannabispromoter can target traffic from all regions of the world to your website, online shop or article through website publishing and social media authority. Internet traffic can be directed from Australia, United States, Canada, South Africa and Asia.


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