Website Tools

We have integrated and compiled a list of website owner tools that you may use to test your website for free. These website tools give you the advantage to analyze your website for SEO issues.

Plagiarism Spider

Your published content should be original for improved SEO results. Much content from videos, images and writings are copied on the Internet.

Authority Spider

Domani authority ( DA ) and page authorty ( PA ) are important components to your website and brands search engine ranking. These can be built over time through original content, link building and back linking to your website.

SEO Analysis and Report

Our SEO ( Search-engine-optimization) is a free website tool that gives you in-depth analysis of your pages content, potential issues and more. Please contact us for a detailed report and solutions to your SEO ranking on sites such as,, and more.

Please check back as we add more webmaster tools, apps and content on a monthly basis. Hope you enjoy these free website tools and contact us if you have any questions.


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