Cannabis Portfolio

Please see my Cannabis Portfolio and related links below.

I have written for a variety of cannabis companies and below are some samples of published written content:

Content Creation – Top 10 Articles

Geographic Origins of Cannabis

Best Automatic Rosin Press

Tommy Chong’s Favorites: Coldfire Roasters

Tommy Chong’s Favorites: Purple Rose Supply

What is live resin?

Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer Review

Finding a Chronic Job in the Cannabis Industry

Benefits of CBD

Beginners Guide to Rolling A Joint


Below are links to articles I write and grammar check for regular clients:

Chris Jay on CannabisWorld, Weed, Vaporizerhut

Internet Marketing / Promotion

I manage a number of my own Facebook pages and maintain several clients Facebook pages.

Facebook Management:
Cannabis World –  Stoned Free –
Magic Grinders Proto Pipe
Buy Hemp Water

We have over 5000 twitter followers and use it as a regular platform to market and spread their message.

NORML South Africa  –

Websites / Blogs

I publish content to the following websites:
Websites – Dagga Party of South Africa –  Cannabis World –
Club des Hashischins CannabisSeeds
CBD Analyst

Blogging – Cannabis World  WordPress – Stoned Free

Print Media /  Photography

I have contributed pictures and written content to a few print publications and also helped create an ebook from scratch to final production.

Marijuana 101 by Professor Lee
Cannabis Bible v3 by Greg Green
Cannabis Sativa by Greg Green
Cannabis Extracts Made Easy by AJ Jackie


Media Production / Consulting

I have consulted with many cannabis companies developing startup brands from scratch to supplying bulk medical seeds to licensed growers in USA, Europe, South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. I have worked with cannabis breeders and seedbanks such as Reeferman,, Afropips, Mr. Nice and GreenHouse Seeds to name a few. Below are a couple of documentaries and music videos I have been involved with in a variety of ways.

“Chris has assisted us in our business since 2008 on an ad hoc basis. Chris has also been part of our team when we have attended Expo’s e.g. he has been on our stand and assisted us to promote our products. He has an exceptional knowledge of Hemp and its properties. We have really valued his assistance and participation in our endeavours over the years.” – Amelia Karg is Managing Director of Hemptons Manufacturing and Distribution

Our homegrown community and website was a huge resource for the strain hunters swaziland expedition. Our community supplied genetics and inside information to the dynamics of Swaziland cannabis.

Green House Seeds: Strain Hunters Swaziland
“We are all soldiers of the same army. We all fight for the same plant.” Franco Loja

BBC: Cannabis Smuggling

I consulted with Stacey Dooley and the BBC in the UK for a number of weeks before her arrival in South Africa. I further kept in contact and assisted with her travel plans during the course of her trip through Swaziland making a documentary about Smuggling, Addiction and Cannabis in Swaziland.

Bushy Williams – We love Sinsemilla
Produced and consulted with Bushy WIlliams.
I have known and supported Bushy Williams and The Soldiers of Jah Army for a number of years. I was fortunate enough to travel with Bushy through Swaziland a couple times to see and experience eSwatini Cannabis Culture. We met many activists along the way including Dr Ben Dlamani who was the loudest voice and reason in the Kingdom for more than two decades regarding cannabis. A convoy of South African activists travelled to Swaziland in 2010 to meet with Ben Dlamini and attend the cannabis convention, sadly it was cancelled but irie time was had travelling a beautiful place. I produced and compiled this music video for Bushy from the footage we collected along the way.


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