Cannabis Packaging Design Trends

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With cannabis slowly becoming legal in more and more places, especially more US states, online design platforms notice a rise in the marijuana logo and packaging design projects. There are five noticeable graphic design trends in the industry. Have a look at them below.

Leaf illustrations

The use of a classic marijuana leaf in the design became nowadays a little bit of a cliché. However, it the leaf does make the product straight away recognizable. In order to avoid the banality but keep the recognition, many brands twist the leaf into a more modern illustration that deviates from the standard image. Thanks to that, each brand brings their own interpretation and escapes from copying the competition.

710 Confections Design Bro710 Confections logo design by DesignBro

Green color

It is quite obvious why most cannabis brands use green color. However, the nature of the product ingredient isn’t the only reason for that. Additionally, businesses use it to appeal to the environmentally conscious market. Green stands for raw and organic products as well as can potentially indicate that the brand cares for the environment. So, the green isn’t only in color but also in ethos.

Heath reference

As mentioned, green appeals to environmentally-oriented customers. References to health, on the other hand, appeal to the market that values the medical properties of cannabis. Many brands try to design their logos and packaging to resemble pharmaceutical products with the use of health crosses or style seen on popular medicines. These items tend to be then sold for a higher price and through different distribution networks.


Minimalism is a trend that appears not only on cannabis products, but it is seen across the entire design industry. Except giving the items a modern look, minimalism also aligns with the relaxation and meditation – characteristics many cannabis brands want to be associated with. Usually, however, the style is used by high-end and quality products. Or brands that want their items to be perceived this way.

Animal illustrations

The use of animal illustration isn’t the most noticeable trend out there, but it is definitely on the rise. Brands often choose a certain ‘spirit animal’ they want a specific product to be associated with. Examples range from bears, through birds and tiger to wolves. Usually, however, animal illustrations are used by brands that want their products to be used recreationally, not medically as the style is more playful than serious.