Bathurst Agricultural Show 2020

Bathurst Agricultural Show 2020

The 2020 Bathurst Agricultural Show is around the corner, only a few months away! This year is going to be a big year for cannabis too! The Bathurst Agricultural Society has included cannabis sativa as an official category gardeners and growers may enter into. This will the 112th annual agricultural show and packed with its traditional events and it should be a bumper year. So brace yourself for the 3,4,5 April 2020. All entries must be submitted by the 23rd of March 2020.

Below is the page to all the downloadable forms and categories  –
There will be two cannabis categories:

Cannabis Sativa – Fresh Farm Produce
Cannabis Sativa – Cut Flowers and Pot Plants

Entry forms maybe downloaded from the links above.

Further to the above as a visitor or vendor you will be able to get a glimpse into the fast growing cannabis culture of South Africa and meet with the experts in industry. Cannabis companies will have a marketplace to display their innovative products and services to the thousands of farmers that attend each year. From specialized soil companies through to horticultural companies and seedbanks, the public will be in touch with some of the best cannabis. NGO’s like FieldsofGreenForAll will be there to answer questions relating to the current cannabis laws and we might even get Jeremy Acton, Leader of the Dagga Party to choose the dankest plant from the cannabis plants entered. The HotboxShow will be present streaming their live weekly show and we might even have a few homegrown magazines in the mix. The best cannabis vendors will be judged and win prizes.

Besides all the other activities at the show like show jumping, auctions, food and markets, demonstrations, live music, lawnmower races and hundreds of other arts/crafts/plants being entered into the show, there will also be a designated area for cannabis company vendors. Further details below.
Bathurst Agricultural Show 2020
GreenSmokeRoom is our ( #cannabiscommunity ) main sponsor for this and with their support this has all come together. We invite any other cannabis companies that would like to target thousands of people from around the country, especially farmers over the weekend in April.

We will see you there:

Stands for Cannabis Vendors

The cost of an outdoor stand in the cannabis focused area will be is R1270.00 for a (3m x 3m). For this option you will need to erect your own gazebo and display. There will also be camping facilities available at the Show Grounds where you will have access to ablutions and washing facilities.

There is an additional, refundable dismantling fee of R200.00 collected which is returned after 3pm on Sunday the 5th April. Total collected is R1470.00. You may download a vendor form here.

An indoor stand (3m x 3m) in the Cannabis arena will be priced at R2500.00. Please contact the Bathurst Show Grounds on +27(0)46 625 0759 to book your place. Speak to Douglas to make your arrangements to exibit your products and services.

Cannabis and the history of the Bathurst Show

Bathurst Agricultural Soceity Last year I ( Chris Jay ) managed to convince the Bathurst Show organisers that it was our legal right to enter cannabis into the show. After some laughter I was able to enter two live plants into the culinary herb and exotic fruits categories. I am glad to say both plants won 1st prize in the two catergories and the organisers were very happy with the turnout and media coverage the plants received.

Dagga ( 1st Prize ) vs Sunflower ( 2nd prize )

Sunflowers vs Dagga

A little bit about the Bathurst Show

“On the 12th April 1848 a meeting was held at Bathurst and the Lower Albany Agricultural Society was formed. The years from 1848 to 1903 were turbulent years for various reasons but on the 25th August 1903 a public meeting was held and the Bathurst Agricultural Society was officially formed. The Bathurst Agricultural Society is therefore one of the oldest surviving agricultural societies in South Africa. The first Bathurst Agricultural Show was held in 1850 by there is only an accurate count of annual shows from 1904 and the centenary Show was held in 2008.” Source

How do you enter your cannabis plants?

Good question. You will need to enter your plants before the cutoff date, probably the last week of March. Each entry costs R5.00, yes 5 bucks only. You will need to fill out your form that is downloadable above or directly from the website. You may enter up to 5 plants as separate entries.

– Transporting your plants

Cannabis sativa does not travel well, so take good care. Definetly dont transport your plant in the back of a bakkie with no protection. It is your legal right to transport your plants in your private vehicle. Its probably a good idea to wrap cardboard around your plant to protect it from the elements.

– Accommodation in Bathurst

Bathurst Village is quaint and quirky with loads to see and do. From historical monuments including the oldest licensed pub ( Pig and Whistle ), there is something for everyone. Situated in the Eastern Cape, between Makhanda ( Grahamstown ) and the fishing town of Port Alfred, Bathurst offers many local and international tourists bang for their buck.

There are many places where tourists can stay, from camping or caravaning, maybe backpacking is your choice through to staying at one of Kingston Farms upmarket guest houses. Bathurst can accommodate any guests. Below are some suggestions where you can stay:

Kingston Farm
Bathurst Backpackers
Pig and Whistle
BushBuck Valley

You may also choose to stay in the surrounding towns like Makhanda ( Grahamstown ) or Port Alfred, hotels, bnb’s, flats on the beach. Its only a few minutes drive from Bathurst.

Bathurst Village

Bathurst neighbors the Waters Meeting Nature Reserve, home to many species of animals, bird and plants. The reserve offers hiking trails, picnic spots and a remarkable viewpoint of the river and valley. The surrounding area hosts pineapple farms, game reserves and cattle and sheep ranches. It is a 10 minute drive to the beach town of Port Alfred and 45 minutes from the cultural mecca of Grahamstown. Check the Facebook Page for more info.

There is also a private after party and braai on the Sunday for all cannabis community members. So dont leave too soon, it will be a jam.

Contact me directly for any questions you may have or for special discounts.
Chris Jay: 0727536488