What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD oil

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a product that is gaining wide acceptance across the US. Over the past decade,
CBD oil has been used to treat a variety of conditions with few side effects. While the effectiveness of the
oil has been the subject of some medical debate, there is no denying the popularity of the product itself.
Currently, the 30 states which have either legalized medical or recreational marijuana allow for the sale of
CBD oil. In addition, there are 17 states which have laws legalizing CBD oil on the books. Only three
states do not allow for the sale or distribution of this product.

What is Cannabidiol Oil?

His is an oil derived from the buds and flowers of hemp or marijuana plants. However, the oil itself does
not contain the intoxicating substance THC. This means that it can be used safely as directed with no
“high” that is associated from smoking marijuana. Because the marijuana plant grows abundantly in many
states and the oil is relatively new, there are few, if any states which have regulations governing the
production of this product.

Because of the lack of regulations, you may find that CBD oil products are marketed to treat a wide
variety of conditions. The truth is that the only serious studies of the effects were based on treatments to
those who have epilepsy. However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that CBD oil offers
some relief to several different conditions.

How CBD Oil is Used?

Apart from epilepsy, CBD oil has been used to treat a variety of conditions ranging from anxiety to cancer.
It’s effectiveness has not been well studied, but it can be said that many who use the oil regularly have
enjoyed a calming, relaxing effect. Anxiety: One of the more promising avenues of the oil concerns the treatment of anxiety, particularly social anxiety. Its calming effect offers hope to those who have not responded well to other types of treatments.

Anti-Inflammatory: Reducing inflammation has many beneficial effects, although it is not proven that CBD
oil is any better than other anti-inflammatory products. However, the combination of this effect with the
calming and relaxation may provide for additional pain relief from swelling in the joints, such as arthritis
for example.

It should be noted that the lack of regulations means that some CBD oil may be of poor quality or worse,
contain the THC element that causes the person to become “high”. In any event, as the oil makes its way
to the forefront of treatments for many conditions, it will be more scrutinized as a result.

While the lack of long-term studies means that proof is yet to exist of the effectiveness of CBD oil. It can

be stated that the product when used properly has few side effects. For many who take it as part of their
treatment, they feel more relaxed and confident. How much of this effect is real and how much is a
placebo remains to be seen, but in any case, there is little denying that CBD oil is effective for many