Tips for Packaging Your Cannabis Products with Pouches

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Cannabis products are here to stay. With the legalization of recreational and medicinal cannabis in more and more states, it’s no surprise that the market for cannabis-related products is growing exponentially. One product that has seen a lot of growth recently are pouches, which can be used to package weed or other plant material like kief, hashish or marijuana flower.

Why should you use pouches?

Cannabis pouches are a great packaging option for cannabis products because they offer the perfect balance of durability and affordability. They’re easy to seal, can be reused many times over, and allow you to display your product prominently on shelves or in glass cases without fear that it will all come spilling out if someone bumps into them accidentally.

Here’s how you should package your cannabis products with pouches:

– Label each pouch clearly, so buyers know what they’re getting before opening up the baggie. You might want to try using stickers instead of inkjet labels; those tend not to smear as much when exposed to moisture from weed resins.

– Ensure there is adequate room at the top of each pouch for labeling information.

– Make sure the seams are tightly sealed before sealing them up in their final packaging.

– Put a sticker or label on each pouch that includes your business logo, contact information and warning labels for things like allergens, nicotine content and THC warnings when applicable.

If you’re new to cannabis production or simply looking to supplement your income with another product line, it’s never been easier than now to get started! There are plenty of businesses out there offering pouches as an affordable way to package weed products while maintaining high levels of quality control. With all these options that help make manufacturing more streamlined and efficient at every stage along the supply chain, from seedling to end-user sale, why wouldn’t you want one?

How to make your custom pouches?

Required Items

To make your custom pouches, you’ll need the following items:

– A sealer

– Parchment paper or waxed paper for lining the inside of each pouch (cut to size)

– Sharp scissors and a cutter knife with an X blade

– Label maker that prints on clear label sheets in white ink. It’s best if they’re water-soluble so they can be removed without leaving any residue behind.

Working Process

Follow these steps to create your cannabis packaging:

Step One: Cut parchment/waxed paper to fit the inside of one side of a zipper baggie, then cut out two circles about three inches wide from cardboard for labeling purposes. Seal bags shut at the bottom corner where there are no zipper teeth.

Step Two: Apply pressure to the sealer nozzle, then remove and apply again in a circular motion until the pouch is sealed.

Step Three: Place card with printed label inside open top of the baggie to cover the seam between the two pieces of parchment paper/waxed paper on one side of the zipper opening. Cut off excess cardboard around the edges of the card before sealing shut with your hand or fingers (no need for a sealer). This will keep pouches from being opened up by accident later once you’ve added all your cannabis products like weed, kief or hashish into them.

That’s how easy it is! You may want to try using stickers instead of inkjet labels.

What are the benefits of using a pouch over other packaging methods?

– Pouches are durable and flexible, making them a great choice for all kinds of cannabis products like flowers or knives.

– They’re easy to seal with just your hands; no clunky machines are needed!

– You can display pouches prominently on shelves without worrying about any spillage if someone bumps into it by accident.

– Labels with contact information and warning labels are easy to apply before you pack up your final product in the pouch.

– These pouches make it easier than ever to produce multiple varieties of weed that might go well together (like different strains) at one time, so you have more options available to customers who come looking for specific things they want from their medicinal herb.

– Pouches are also an affordable way to package your weed products; they save on costs for labor, packaging materials and shipping.

– The translucent nature of these pouches allows customers to see what’s inside without opening the pouch up first! This helps them find items more quickly when shopping at a dispensary or online store.

A lot of times, cannabis producers like you may want to supplement their income with another product line–like oils or edibles that don’t require as much time per unit produced (and therefore higher profits)–but might not be sure if there is enough demand in the market for said item. If you’re new to pot production, it can seem daunting at this point because you’re still trying to figure out what the market is like.


In conclusion, cannabis producers might want to supplement their income with other products like oils or edibles that don’t require as much time per unit produced but can be more profitable. However, it may seem daunting if the item is new because you’re still trying to figure out what markets are most receptive. The benefits of using a pouch for your product include durability and flexibility, making them great choices for all kinds of cannabis products, including flowers and knives. They’re easy to seal by hand, so no clunky machines are needed! Labels make contact information and warning labels easier than ever before when applying on pouches, making them affordable due to lower labor costs and cheaper packaging materials and shipping options.