Top 3 Seattle Dispensaries We Love

Seattle dispensaries are among the best, if not the best, in the nation! 

Much of the product is grown locally, giving cannabis users an experience that is truly unique and connected to the city itself.

Incredible scenery, unique art, and expansive food markets ar all contributors to taking the Seattle experience to the next level.

The Seattle recreational cannabis market is rich with dispensary options. So… how do you decide where to buy your bud? Is the shop closest to you really your best bet when it comes to choosing the best Seattle dispensaries?

Seattle Dispensaries – A Brief Background

Similar to boutique coffee shops, finding a Seattle marijuana dispensary is part art and part science. Every dispensary has something different to offer. Ever since the state legalized recreational marijuana, the industry has exploded into a pioneering marketplace filled with visionary shops. Every dispensary is trying to find their own unique vibe and brand in the marketplace.

This is extremely good news for consumers. More options and competition means that you have the best selection available at competitive prices. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, these are the top three cannabis shops that we recommend!

Seattle Cannabis Co.: A Pioneering Seattle Marijuana Dispensary

As one of the oldest dispensaries in the city, Seattle Cannabis Co. has got every aspect of their business down to a T! 

They offer safe, reliable, and consistent access for your favorite strains.

Everything inside is beautifully and clearly displayed. Easy-to-read labels help you understand the potency, pricing, and quantity of each product.

The budtenders at Seattle Cannabis Co. don’t feel like salespeople. You can tell that they’re passionate about educating everyone who walks through the doors about marijuana. If you’re not sure where to begin, feel free to ask about their staff picks! There’s a reason that this dispensary has a strong, loyal following of locals!

Whether you want flower, edibles, topicals, prerolls, tincture, beverages, or concentrate, Seattle Cannabis Co. has it all. We particularly like their selection of edibles – which spans from Energizing Mints (hybrid) to Chocolate Chip Cookies (Hybrid), to everything in-between.

Last but not least, we really appreciate their long hours. Seattle Cannabis Co. is open from 8 am to 11 pm. So if you’re looking to get medical marijuana early in the day or looking to find something recreational and relaxing in the evening, this dispensary makes itself available for your needs!

There are beautiful murals on the outside of the building, so it’s impossible to miss! It’s also a perfect photo opportunity for tourists!

Dockside Cannabis: Carefully Selected Cannabis

One of the things we like about Dockside Cannabis are their community events. These events are more educational rather than social in nature.

Though cannabis is legalized in many states, it still carries a stigma, even in states where it has been legal for several years. Through educational community events, Dockside Cannabis aims to help people understand more about medical and recreational marijuana. As more people accept marijuana, the closer we’ll get to the eventual legalization of cannabis nationwide.

This mission is actually part of the dispensary’s story. The founders, Maria and Oscar, kept their cannabis use secret. However, they discovered that cannabis can be a tool to strengthen and build communities! This mission statement definitely rings true and resonates with many people today. Oscar began working as a “cannabis evangelist,” then was able to open the dispensary in the early 2000s.

Dockside Cannabis lives out its mission in how it treats its customers. If you have a question or a concern, the budtenders will go above and beyond to help you understand the product and the strains available!

For locals, a rewards program is available, but tourists will not be able to take advantage of that discount program. The dispensary occasionally has promotions, so be sure to ask the budtenders about them!

Diego Pellicer: A Luxury Experience

Visitors have often commented that Diego Pellicer looks more like a European car dealership than a dispensary. If you want to feel ritzy, this might be a place to consider checking out.

The premium displays do come at a higher cost, but Diego Pellicer brands itself as “affordable luxury.” If you want to go big, they do offer a $3,600 marijuana cigar (apparently, it’s been sold but will likely be back in stock soon). Fortunately, there are more affordable options available. 

One of the unique things about Diego Pellicer is that they have a mobile app so that you can order and skip the line. Locals can use the app to get notified whenever new deals and discounts are available! It’s also a great way to get the dispensary’s latest updates.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, we hope these insights will help you find the best dispensary. You certainly can’t go wrong with Seattle weed.

Happy shopping!