The Role of Digital Transformation in Dispensary Marketing

Dispensary Marketing

Dispensary marketing has evolved over the years thanks to new technology, but that doesn’t mean it should remain a mystery. In fact, digital transformation should mean that you have more insight, data, and control over your marketing efforts than ever before.

So that raises the question: what exactly is digital transformation and how can you leverage it to improve cannabis sales? Below, we do a deep dive into digital transformation and how it continues to provide new marketing opportunities for your cannabis business.

How Dispensary Marketing Continues to Evolve

“Digital transformation” refers to improving digital systems, but it also refers to the mindset of your business.

Because new technologies are always appearing and existing technologies are consistently improving, we seem to be in a steady state of “digital transformation.”

A one-time transition to digitize business processes, for example, isn’t enough to keep up. The company mindset must be focused on readily accepting and implementing changes internally.

When it comes to dispensary marketing, maintaining this mindset of adaptability is critical. Search engine’s are continuously refining their algorithms to improve the customer experience, so dispensaries that adapt will thrive. Others that remain stuck in their ways will drop in the rankings.

Your Website is Key

A dispensary’s website is the first impression that potential customers have of your shop. Is your website mobile responsive? Does it load quickly? Can customers easily contact you for support, and easily browse and order cannabis products on your menu?

Without a firm commitment to digital transformation, a dispensary can create new marketing materials and simply hope for the best, which can be costly with little results.

On the other hand, dispensaries that fully embrace digital transformation will continue to grow alongside the booming cannabis industry.

Understanding the Pillars of Digital Transformation

Generally speaking, the pillars of a digital transformation mindset are based on several fundamental principles. Different types of marketers and creative teams have varying definitions of these pillars. However, these core principles can generally be summed up as the following:


This should be the foundation of any digital transformation mindset and strategy. The customer experience and customer journey will ultimately determine how the business’s processes are streamlined and improved. Whether you’re a new dispensary or an established dispensary looking to scale, it’s important to base your strategy based on consumer needs and feedback.


Growing a successful dispensary is heavily reliant on putting together the right core team of people. This includes staff that work in the store such as budtenders and managers, but this also includes partners and cannabis growers. Remember, well-trained and happy employees result in a positive customer experience, but the inverse is also true. It’s critical to invest in your team!


Again, this goes back to mindset. Change for change’s sake isn’t the goal. Rather, you want to foster a company culture within the dispensary that is open to change. So much of the cannabis industry is changing on a regular basis. From dispensary SEO, regulation to state legalization, to current political climates, it’s important to remain flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.


It’s important not to confuse this pillar with change. Instead, when change creates obstacles that need to be addressed, lean into innovation to meet the challenge.

When it comes to dispensary marketing, innovation could mean being proactive in pursuing digital initiatives. Provide support for those working on the frontlines, rather than being reactive to marketing trends.

These are just some examples of the pillars of digital transformation. Each pillar is important and relies on the others to bring success to your dispensary.

At the end of the day, though, the most important aspects truly rely on are 1.) your team, and 2.) the customer experience!

Strong Local SEO is Key to a Digital Strategy

When someone Google’s “dispensary near me,” does your dispensary appear on the first page of search results? Are you listed in the map pack?

Local SEO is critical because it helps your dispensary attract more customers from relevant local searches. Any dispensary with a physical location should be focusing on local SEO.

In fact, it’s estimated that up to 80% of disposable income in the United States is spent within 20 miles of where someone lives. Even with the rise and convenience of online shopping, people are going to shop locally.

So what makes local SEO different from search engine optimization in general?

Well, there’s a greater focus on geography and your physical address.

  • Is your dispensary’s Google My Business listing properly optimized?
  • Is your dispensary’s business address and contact information listed consistently across the web?
  • Are your keywords factoring in local search phrases?

These are just some of the factors that play into local SEO. The factors that search engines like Google prioritize are always evolving, so it’s important to work with experts who understand the latest algorithm updates and requirements.

Dispensary SEO is Another Way to Implement a Digital Strategy

Aside from local SEO factors, it’s important to look at the larger framework of your website.

Google doesn’t want businesses to “game” the system. They truly want to provide the best customer experience possible. This means that if you want to rank higher on Google, then you need to help the search engines accomplish their mission. How do you do that? By also creating the best customer experience possible!

When viewing your dispensary’s website, ask yourself:

  • Are relevant keywords naturally placed to help the reader understand my business?
  • Is the website professional and user friendly?
  • Does my dispensary look trustworthy? Would a visitor feel comfortable making a purchase here?
  • Is contact information easily accessible so users can ask questions? When questions are asked, are they answered in a timely manner?

These are just some of the factors to consider when it comes to dispensary SEO and implementing a digital strategy!

Take Control of Your Marketing Strategy

Digital transformation will affect every industry, cannabis-related or otherwise.

Instead of viewing this as a challenge, view this as a way to improve the customer experience and grow your dispensary! Digital tools give you the unique opportunity to communicate with potential customers like never before.

Now is the time to optimize your operations and establish a sustainable foundation for your dispensary, indefinitely.