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Today there are hundreds, if not thousands of cannabis social networks which can seem overwhelming to cannnabis enthusiasts who want to connect with people in the different subsets of cannabis industry. Let me introduce you to, a place you can join the conversation, follow your interests and elevate your craft.

“Highly Recommended Resource!” –  Todd McCormick

Growers Network Community

A global network of vetted cannabis vendors and community members. This professional cannabis community allows members to connect, trade their knowledge and share their experiences with cannabis. Have the community answer your simple questions about growing cannabis at home, or document your grow journal from start to finish. A solid support system for anyone growing a couple plants indoors through to a fully commercial setup of cannabis cultivation and processing.



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A post shared by Growers Network (@growersnetwork) is operated as a global cannabis community with categories covering most topics. You may be experiencing a plant problem or looking for a specific piece of equipment for your grow, The GN community will answer all of your questions from seeds to harvest! Join Now.

Growers Network University

The University offers four comprehensive online cannabis courses for hobbyists and commercial growers. Enrolling with Cannabis 101 for beginner growers is a good start anyone considering starting to grow their own. This course will take you from the basics through to more advanced skills of growing indoors. It is all neatly packaged in chapters with video tutorials from experienced industry players. Enroll NowCommerical Cannabis HarvestOnce you have completed Cannabis 101, you might want to consider more advanced commercial cannabis courses:

1. Commercial Cannabis Harvest
2. Professional Cannabis Cultivation
3. Professional Cannabis IPM ( Intergrated Pest Management )

Growers Network University is hosted by Cameron from Green Belt Strategies.


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From growing at home to growing at scale, we will help you elevate your craft. We are launching flagship courses; one for hobbyists and one for commercial growers. Learn with expert growers, as they teach you from their real life experience, coupled with their recommended products.

Key Features:

  • High quality video lectures; produced by Canna Cribs
  • Recommended products with exclusive student discounts
  • Additional course materials; including articles, podcasts, & more

Canna Cribs

Canna CribsCanna Cribs is a deep dive into some of the largest commercial cannabis grow operations in the world. Each episode we take you into the facility for never before seen footage. We start with genetics, and walk you through the lifecycle of the plant to propagation, vegetation, flowering, curing, trimming and even packaging.

Canna Cribs is hosted by Nate, owner of, one of the top suppliers of cultivation equipment in the world.

The Canna Cribs Podcast documents history with the pioneers shaping the global cannabis industry. Enjoy our podcast episodes, along with a curated playlist of the top cannabis related podcasts on YouTube. Learn from owners of the top cultivation, processing, and retail cannabis companies. Every Canna Cribs Podcast interview dives into the guest’s background, how they got into the cannabis industry, their company and their vision for the cannabis industry. As seen on Youtube, Spotify and Apple.

Canna Cribs Podcasts are hosted by Nick who updates the channels with fresh cannabis content regularly.


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Come see our cannabis community, join, introduce yourself and share your experiences with cannabis. Please don’t for get to like, subscribe and share.

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